Delegation from Global Village, ARN, Done Events Visits Milan Expo 2015

Dubai, August 2015: The Arab Media Group, with its diverse portfolio of radio, family entertainment destination, concerts and corporate events businesses is visiting Milan to support the UAE’s national pavilion. The media group delegation, headed by group CEO Mohamed Sulaiman Almulla is attending the event to gather information on how the entertainment industry can play an integral role in the success of the international event in five years time.

Commenting on the impact of the visit, AMG CEO Mohammed Sulaiman Almulla said: “This was an enormously informative and useful visit that has given us a clear idea of the scale of what Dubai will be hosting in 2020 and to assess how we can make sure that our entertainment divisions are geared up to help the Emirate welcome the world in five years.”

“Expo 2020 also provides us with a significant opportunity to showcase Dubai’s brand and capabilities to a bigger international audience than ever before and our visit to Milan is an important part of that planning process. It has allowed us to clearly understand what the Expo offers and to ensure that our offerings and infrastructure will provide a world class attraction that complements what the city of Dubai will be showcasing.” added Almulla.

While visitors and business people attend the event in 2020, the Arab Media Group wants to ensure that the infrastructure of Global Village, the leading family entertainment destination in the region, is ready to handle the huge demand from the growing population and international tourism numbers.

Ahmad Hussain bin Essa, Chief Executive Officer of Global Village added, “We are improving and enhancing the visitor offer every year and by the time of the Dubai Expo 2020 the experience and impact of Global Village for visitors from the UAE, the region and around the world will be further transformed. The recent visit to Milan has also helped us in ensuring that what we offer in 2020 and the coming years will be in line with the very best global standards for outdoor entertainment experiences. Our vision is not only to match best global practice but to surpass it thus giving further impetus to Dubai’s world class hospitality industry.”

The Arab Media Group also owns and operates the Arabian Radio Network, which broadcasts to over 200 nationalities a day from its headquarters in Dubai. ARN bridges cultures and ensures that the UAE’s diverse demographic makeup is represented with quality content produced in every major language.

Mahmoud Al Rasheed, General Manager of ARN also commented: “As the population makeup of the UAE changes in the buildup to Expo 2020, ARN’s content offering will continue to change. Radio is the most popular medium in the UAE because we are relevant to every major community living in our city. Expo 2020 will bring new communities and new cultures to Dubai and we want to ensure that we are catering for the demographic changes while showcasing the history and hospitality of our Emirati culture.”
Another division of Arab Media Group attending the Milan showcase event is Done Events, the region’s biggest concert and live events company. “We organize some of the biggest events in Dubai, including the biggest ever concert in UAE with ‘One Direction’ attracting 34,000 people, and are constantly growing our expertise to create and deliver events of a global size and calibre. The visit to Milan Expo 2015 was certainly a fantastic opportunity to gauge the calibre of such a massive world event and the expectations attached to it from an entertainment and production point of view.” Said Girish Bhat, the Managing Director of Done Events.”

Under the umbrella corporation of the Arab Media Group, the subsidiary companies of Global Village, Arabian Radio Network and Done Events cater to all demographic segments across cultures through its diverse offerings. Between a combined listenership of 3.2 million across 9 radio stations under ARN, the reach extends to languages which include English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Farsi and Tagalog. Done Events caters to the entertainment segment base with top-line concerts around the year and Global Village is an iconic cultural destination of the Middle East region which attracts more than 5 million visitors year on year across nationalities.